Sometimes the weather physically or mentally doesn't allow us to get to the gym to get in our workouts. If you find yourself stuck indoors and want to get an efficient fullbody workout in. Try this:

Warmup: 2x through 30 second butt kicks 30 second high knees 30 second jumping jacks Superset of 4 rounds

Pushups -- 10-15 Reps

Squat Jumps -- 15-20 Reps

Side Plank -- 30-40 secs on each side

Superset of 3 rounds

Bulgarian split squats -- 12 Reps each leg (No weight)

Plank to Push Up -- 10 Total (without pushup)

Wide Stance Good Morning -- 12 Reps (Hands behind your head; no weight; should feel in hamstrings)

Superset of 3 rounds

Hip Dips -- 30-40 seconds

Belly to Ground Burpees -- 10 Reps