warm UP!

Well........today I learned a tough lesson that I've had to learn time and time again due to my impatience.

Going into a workout, mentally excited, emotionally charged, and physically able, I'm gearing up to make this one EPIC. So what do I do? I start off 'Sprinting' into my workout without the proper warm up and what do you think happens next?

Boom, minor injury: My low back suffers a minor strain.

It's nothing that some ibuprofen, ice, and rest can't fix, but it Stops my workout and my mojo :/

But enough of my sob story, here is why and how you should warm-up BEFORE you workout:

Warming up will reduce the risk of injury and increase your strength and endurance throughout the workout.

There are different phases of a warm-up:

The first phase is mobility work: These are things like foam rolling, ball work, band work and movement-based flexibility. This will get the blood flowing, your core temperature increased, and your muscles, tendons, and ligaments ready for more range of motion.

Next is a pulse raiser (increase in heart rate): This is what it sounds like. It is any exercise that slowly increases your heart rate which increases blood and oxygen circulation so that the muscles have more energy to operate at a high level. Jogging in place, jumprope, and cycling are just some of the examples.

Then we have dynamic stretching: These movements will start to prep the body and specific areas that will be used in the workout for the more intense work. Lunges, Skips, High Knees, Hip/Chest Openers are all examples of dynamic stretching; these may vary depending on the workout planned.

Last is movement or sports specific practice: This is when you rehearse the movement patterns that will take place during your workout. This will enhance the muscle memory, improve your coordination, and prepares the body for the real work ahead. For example, if you're bench pressing you start off with pushups or a light bar, if you're squatting you start off with glute bridges or bodyweight squats, or if you're getting ready to practice for a sport, you do drills specific to what your body will experience while you play.

This may seem like alot but you know what's a lot worse? Getting injured.

So make sure before you crush that workout, crush that Warm-up!.....Geoff.