warm UP!

Well........today I learned a tough lesson that I've had to learn time and time again due to my impatience.

Going into a workout, mentally excited, emotionally charged, and physically able, I'm gearing up to make this one EPIC. So what do I do? I start off 'Sprinting' into my workout without the proper warm up and what do you think happens next?

Boom, minor injury: My low back suffers a minor strain.

It's nothing that some ibuprofen, ice, and rest can't fix, but it Stops my workout and my mojo :/

But enough of my sob story, here is why and how you should warm-up BEFORE you workout:

Warming up will reduce the risk of injury and increase your strength and endurance throughout the workout.

There are different phases of a warm-up:

The first phase is mobility work: These are things like foam rolling, ball work, band work and movement-based flexibility. This will get the blood flowing, your core temperature increased, and your muscles, tendons, and ligaments ready for more range of motion.