I've been there before. Alot of people who are trying to lose or cut weight have felt what you're feeling.

You weigh yourself one day and you're down 2 lbs! ... Then later that day you're up 1..... The next day you're down 1....then up 2....then down 5, up 4, down 3......until you just say F*&% it, I'm getting a Burger.

STOP. The Scale is not always your friend. ESPECIALLY if you weigh yourself everyday. There's just too many factors involved in the number that shows up at your feet. Let me ask you this: If you could look and feel exactly how you wanted to, would you even care what a scale says???

The honest answer is NO.

That's why we need to shift our concerns from bodyweight to Body Fat percentage. Body Fat Percentage is the percentage of fat your body is composed of. If you have a 200lb male who's 10% bodyfat, his body would consist of 20 lbs of fat, whereas if you have a 200lb male who's 50% body fat, he'd consist of 100 lbs of fat. Both examples are the same weight but in the first case the male is "shredded" and in the other, he's morbidly obese. Your body does need a certain amount of fat for bodily functions; females more than males. However, there are limits that a person should maintain or strive for depending on your age, sex, and goals.