You ever have those days where, you don’t know why, but you just feel out of it?

You feel exhausted?

Feel like staying in bed and doing nothing? Well today is one of those days.

Can’t seem to get out of the funk, but I’m determined to. Currently it’s about 55° in the winter and sometimes you just need to get out of the clutter and stresses and confinement of the indoors and just go for a walk.

Get some fresh air, feel the breeze, hopefully sun, people watch, listen to the sounds of your environment, and just be present.

Sometimes you just may need a break from the monotony of life. It can seem as though life is on repeat for most of the time and for most people, it is. So taking time to break that up is highly important to keep your mind healthy. Because without a healthy mind, there can be no healthy body.

So if you’re feeling blah, or out of it, Switch it up!