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Geoff Janey

JET Founder, Strength Coach, & Team Captain

With over a decade of diverse training experience and certifications from NASM & NCSA in Performance Enhancement and Functional Strength, I specialize in crafting personalized fitness programs tailored to individual goals while prioritizing safety and effectiveness. Drawing from personal fitness journeys, I ensure a deep understanding of diverse needs and challenges, aiming not just for short-term results but for lifelong fitness maintenance. My approach emphasizes efficient, high-quality training that fosters continuous learning and sustainable progress for clients.

Carla Gomes

Team Captain, Doula, and Fitness Specialist

My primary focus is on training clients in the fundamentals of exercise, body mechanics, nutrition, and lifestyle/habit changes. Holding certifications through NASM, CFSC, and PPSC as well as being a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher, I am well-equipped to guide individuals towards their fitness goals. With a track record of success in helping clients achieve objectives such as weight loss, flexibility, strength improvement, and establishing consistent workout routines, I am confident that my educational background, combined with professional and personal experiences, enable me to assist ANY client in reaching their desired outcomes.


Shubha Ramaiah

Powerhouse Founder, Team Captain, & South End Operations

After over a decade of Coaching and Training, I've discovered that each individual takes a unique approach and path towards their goals. With expertise in working with pre and postnatal, as well as restricted and injured clients, my passion lies in integrating Strength Training with Pilates sequences through my Powerhouse Pilates programming, fostering strength, mobility, and a pain-free lifestyle for my clients. Every session is dedicated to educating and guiding individuals on actions both inside and outside the gym that facilitate goal attainment and maintenance, always prioritizing the health and safety of each client above all else. Through this journey, I've realized that regardless of their goals, everyone desires to move and feel better, and I'm grateful that I'm able to contribute positively to this transformation in people's lives.

Osman Nuru

Functional Strength Coach & Personal Trainer

With over four years of experience in the fitness industry, backed by an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Health Science from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a NASM personal training certification, I specialize in strength and functional training, assisting clients of all ages in achieving their fitness objectives. My commitment lies in delivering exceptional results through personalized programs tailored to individual needs, aiming to guide clients through challenges and propel them to new heights in their fitness journey. Beyond my professional dedication, I maintain a passion for travel, sports, literature, and spending quality time with loved ones, fostering a well-rounded perspective that enriches the fitness experience into a transformation not just of the body but of the entire lifestyle.


Lila Vogel

Functional Strength & Pilates Coach

Together, we'll explore healthy habits both inside and outside the gym, fostering a sustainable lifestyle tailored to your needs. Balance is central to my fitness philosophy, acknowledging that journeys aren't linear; I'm here to support you in celebrating successes and overcoming challenges. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Pain Free Performance Specialist, with experience as a Rehabilitation Aide in a Physical Therapy clinic, I prioritize proper form and technique to ensure client safety. My passion lies in helping you cultivate the strongest and most resilient version of yourself, shifting focus from aesthetics to mental and physical strength, fostering confidence and genuine appreciation for your body's capabilities.

Bryan Jasmin

Functional Strength & Performance Coach

Drawing from my experience as a former athlete, my approach to training clients goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to enhance movement efficiency and athleticism. I firmly believe that everyone can enjoy pain-free movement while improving fitness and abilities. My journey into health, wellness, and performance began after graduating from college, where I ran track, instilling in me a passion for making a meaningful impact. Guiding individuals to achieve their unique goals and boosting their confidence is at the core of my work, providing me with a fulfilling opportunity to give back and create positive ripples within my community.


Danielle Lantos

Performance, Nutrition, & Wellness Coach

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Pain-Free Performance Specialist, my mission is to motivate clients and instigate lifelong changes. Building upon my foundational fitness knowledge, I obtained a specialty in Corrective Exercise, enabling me to ensure proper activation and body mechanics tailored to specific goals. I find fulfillment in working with diverse clients of all ages and backgrounds, advocating for a holistic approach to fitness that encompasses physical strength, mobility, and pain relief, alongside mental fortitude and habit transformation. My commitment extends to cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation of self throughout the fitness journey, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with new individuals and elevate their path to peak fitness.

Kirby Espinal

Boxing Coach & Fitness Specialist

My approach centers on movement, performance, and longevity, recognizing the inherent vitality of physical activity. Having swum competitively from ages 5 to 18, and later delving into boxing while studying Exercise Science at Lasell University, I've been shaped into the fitness professional I am today. Witnessing the transformative power of exercise firsthand, I'm driven to coach clients toward overcoming once seemingly insurmountable challenges, fostering a sense of achievement and empowerment with each milestone reached. Breaking down barriers and continually setting new goals is the essence of my training philosophy, aiming to instill in every individual the exhilarating sensation of surpassing their own limitations time and time again.


Ari Selig

Strength, Performance & Conditioning Specialist

With over two decades of experience, I specialize in tailored approaches for athletes, pre/postnatal women, rehabilitation patients, and individuals with physical limitations, prioritizing safety and effectiveness to foster strength while averting injury. My journey, rooted in sports management and football, evolved into a passion for kinesiology and human physiology through Applied Exercise Science and rugby at Springfield College.  Using my education and experience, I maintain the highest training standards and commit to continuous learning to evolve as a coach. My genuine love for coaching drives me to empower clients to achieve their goals, whether it's enhancing athletic performance or overall fitness, ensuring their success remains my utmost priority.

Jeff Vernet

Functional Strength Coach & Personal Trainer

With over a decade of immersion in fitness, initially sparked by sports involvement and further solidified during the challenges of the 2020 shutdown, I've experienced firsthand its transformative power on mental, physical, and emotional well-being. I've embraced a lifestyle that not only sculpted my desired physique but also facilitated personal growth. Now, as a NASM-certified professional, I derive immense joy and purpose from guiding clients towards their best selves, whether it's achieving a desired appearance, finding motivation, adopting healthier habits, or fostering mental resilience. Continuously seeking further education to enhance my ability to serve, my ultimate goal is to exceed expectations, deliver exceptional value, and positively impact the lives of those I work with.

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