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The mission of our team, studios, and company is to Break Barriers, not only for our clients' physical and mental improvement, but also in 3 other important areas of the fitness industry: education, career development, and accessibility.



Too often we hear horror stories about people's experiences with personal trainers.  This is typically due to a low threshold to enter the industry and lack of consistent standard of care and continued education.

We aim to break the low expectation barrier by combining our decades of experience and multiple specialties amongst our teams, and create a training approach that incorporates intelligent, evolving, safe, and effective programs specific to each individual.

This is done through incentivizing continued education, working as a team, and collectively building curriculums for future professionals to enhance their understanding and application of what they learn from textbooks.


The title of 'Personal Trainer' typically doesn't come with thoughts of stability, distinction, or esteem.  One reason is due to an overflow of self-serving trainers in the industry who lack true education, purpose, and passion for the craft and the people they serve.

We aim to break this perception barrier by hiring through passion first.  We'll recruit a passionate team player, who's newly certified, over an 'experienced', opportunistic trainer with every alphabet after their name, any day.

From there, we develop ready professionals through our TEAM method, which allows for continued growth both financially and professionally.  Too many times, at gyms, trainers are pit against each other to compete for clients and therefore, their livelihood.  This leads to overworked and underpaid professionals who give Less to their clients just to survive. In addition , they have less time to create bonds with colleagues and the community, which would allow for more fulfillment throughout their career.

We're here to change that.




It's understood that Personal Training is an investment.

Personal training can range from $50-$200+/session depending on a variety of factors.  These rates are affordable to some, but not for all.


We want everyone to experience top-tier personal training, without sacrificing the growth & development of our professionals.


This economic barrier we aim to break by building more mobile/low-cost programs, creating more semi-private/shared training options, grants & investments, and potentially, over time, using a scaling system to match rates with income.


The health of your body and mind are vital components to longevity, capability, and happiness throughout your life, and the knowledge to understand how to unlock your optimal self should be accessible, no matter your economic status!

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